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We are looking for dedicated, hardworking and committed partners who are willing to provide excellent service to customers and grow with Regrob Real Estate Franchise.

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Why a ReGrob Real Estate Franchisee

The majority of property buyers across the globe are going online. Yet many property brokers or agents have not changed their culture, technology, services & marketing to become more relevant to today's consumers. ReGrob empowers you in these areas.

Brokers don't have an
online presence


Customers search for
properties online


Regrob franchise
increased sales by 180%

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Satisfied Customers
Total GMV (USD)
100 Millions

Customer Centric Brand

Huge Netowrk of Brokers

Qualified Customer Lead

The best Tech Support

Extensive Training

Vast Knowledge & Respect

More About Regrob

Regrob is of India’s largest Online to Offline Real Estate business and has sold thousands of properties. Now Regrob is moving across the globe in new territories with massive investment in technology, marketing and the root culture which made Regrob a pioneer in the business.

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Regrob is looking for Country Franchise Partners

These partners will be handling the complete country operations Regrob plans to move into.
You can be the the next Real Estate Mogul.
Real Estate has made the maximum number of millionaires across the globe, you can be a part and ride the wagon too.

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Regrob Franchise in India

ReGrob is growing faster than ever

Regrob is coming to your country, now it is your decision to grab the opportunity or leave it.
From India to the World.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Regrob is India’s largest tech enabled real estate brokerage company with a known brand value and presence in 22 Tier one cities pan India. Regrob proudly boasts 1000+ verified property list on its portal and has relationships with 500+ builders pan India
As per the present time the real estate business is not slow for a business like Regrob. We reach our potential customers or property buyers in a very different way. We reach the people who have a very high intent to buy a property via our proprietary technology and marketing methods. Also, the rate of interest for a home loan is going down and the property rate is also decreasing up to an extend which is a positive for a real estate business. More people want to buy property at the lowest possible prices. Hence, the business keeps growing. The major changing factor is the adjustment of liquid cash in the Indian economy opening up new opportunities.
To add to the above information, the implementation of RERA Act (Real Estate Regulatory Act), also focuses to bring in the element of growth in Real Estate sector. Budget 2017 has heavy investment in real estate to increase the growth rate of the industry.
At this point of time, the local brokers are vanishing from the market giving a boost to our Real Estate transactions.
In simple words, the answer is Yes, all our successful. Franchise performance and success depends on the joint working of the company and the franchise partners. Regrob started giving away its Real Estate Franchise in India from the year 2013 and the number is now 20+. Since the journey of last 4 years none of our Real Estate Franchise has shut down. We take our franchise as our business partner and work very energetically along with them on daily basis. Our franchises are earning good profits and are satisfied from Regrob and its tie ups. We encourage our business partners to work hard and provide them with all the support and training they will ever need.
You can but then establishing any business of your own consist of the chance of 50% failure with huge capital investments. Establishing your brokerage with Regrob ensures that it keeps you as far as possible from all disasters and failures. Regrob has been built with continuous perseverance and learning from various failures of our own. We have learnt from our failures and we make sure our business partners (franchise) does not have to go through the same. We highly increase the probability of a successful business in India by giving you a known brand name and keeping you free from financial, training and support issues.
The major problem in the real estate franchise business in India is the lack of support from the franchiser side. No buyer takes a property by the name of the real-estate brokerage company. The buyers require a good knowledgeable person who understand the buyer’s needs. This is only possible if the franchiser gives proper training and support to its partners about the current market conditions and the available verified inventory. This is what we take pride of at Regrob. We provide 100% support to our partners and share verified listing only. We minimize the problems for our franchise partners.
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About Regrob

At, we understand that people everywhere are searching for a place to call their own home or office. We want to make this search as interesting and fun as we truly understand that finding the perfect place is much more than just an online search!

So to make this journey joyful, we begin by partnering with our customers as well as our builders and property creators from the beginning and have been there when it matters the most - right from online search to site visits to home loans to paperwork to finally finding that perfect space to call your own. is a part of Regrob Pvt Ltd, which is a venture started by IIT & IIM alumin and is in the digital real estate marketing and transactions services provider. Regrob is the link between the customer wanting to find a property and the builders and suppliers in the requisite areas.